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Company history

40 years of Auditorium


The beginning

On 4.07.1981 Leonhard Schwarte founds a hi-fi shop on Feidikstraße in Hamm, on the outskirts of the Ruhr area. Unconventional for those times and equally classical from the Latin: the name "Auditorium". The lecture hall. The audience.

So, from the very beginning, the Auditorium was not only about passionate music listening, but also about listening, with the aim of offering the customer the best possible solution. And there were already many solutions in the selected range from the very beginning. Then as now in the range: hi-fi highlights, for example the "most expensive radio in the world" McIntosh MR-80.


First enlargement

Mid-1980s : The cassette does not yet suspect that it will soon be superseded by the CD. But the Auditorium already knows that expansion is necessary and expands to 220 square metres. In the meantime, the company has 10 employees. Speaking of cassettes, the Auditorium sells them so successfully that owner Leonhard Schwarte is not afraid to travel personally to Miami in a not yet globalised economy in order to be able to offer huge quantities of cassette blanks in the Auditorium a short time later.


In transition

While Germany is beginning to grow together again and the first large electronics superstores are springing up, the Auditorium is bursting at the seams thanks to its now supra-regional clientele and moves into a larger building, also on Feidikstrasse. The goal is not space for masses, but the high-quality presentation of goods in listening studios on a total of 1,000 square metres of exhibition space. In addition, an area for car hi-fi installations is being built. At that time, the building also housed City-Music (Manteufel) as a music retailer and "Die Schallplatte" (The Record) with Steve, so to speak, everything the music heart desires united in one building.


The Best in the West

The readership of AUDIO votes Auditorium as the best hi-fi dealer.


Living hi-fi

Sound in every room? In the new Auditorium show flat, passion for image and sound becomes an exemplary way of life. A Russound multi-room system with Sonance speakers makes it possible, high-end sound is provided by a Burmester Rondo stereo system with Bowers & Wilkins speakers and even invisible soundboards are built into the walls of the library. Not enough yet? Of course, there is also a screen and several TV sets. The auditorium is clearly a pioneer in multi-room and custom installation.


The Auditorium's website goes online to report on the company, special offers and product highlights!


The first Private Max cinema

Original text Auditorium 2006: "Audiophile HighEnd has always had its home at the Auditorium. All the high-flying electronics and super speakers of the international reference class have now been joined by another superlative in the form of the first PrivateMax cinema installed at a dealer."

"PrivateMax is, as the name suggests: your private maximum home cinema. It doesn't get more perfect than this. No more getting up, no more looking for a parking space, no more queuing at the box office and you decide who sits next to you - because you are in your own cinema!"


The Next Generation

In 2007, Sebastian Schwarte takes over the auditorium from his father.


Hello Münster!

Just two years after taking over, Sebastian Schwarte opens another location in the heart of the Westphalian metropolis of Münster, where he presents the entire range of picture and sound topics, from mobile headphones and the latest TV sets to full-fledged high-end systems.

Meanwhile, a legendary David Knopfler concert will take place at the Auditorium Hamm. Original press release: "The David Knopfler concert at the Auditorium left over 200 happy listeners. Wonderful guitar playing, an impressive voice and a convincing performance thrilled the audience. An absolute highlight was that David performed a few DIRE STRAITS songs for the first time in years. So another concert gem in the rich Auditorium collection."


Custom Installation

The Auditorium is parting ways with car hifi in favour of the most modern custom installation exhibition to date. The parallel team of technicians has mastered both the most advanced home theatre construction and perfect media integration. This year, the Auditorium is even travelling to Kenya to upgrade a hotel there.


Auditorium online shop

The first version of the Auditorium online shop goes online and is ready to inspire customers across Germany for hifi and home cinema.


Auditorium Remastered

Everything is new in Hamm - the Auditorium is being expanded and renovated once again and will shine in new splendour in 2015. Eight individually furnished listening rooms. Three first-class cinemas. 1,300 square metres of hi-fi and home cinema dream now call the Auditorium in Hamm their own and present everything the hi-fi heart desires on 6 floors.

What every visitor can also confirm: The Auditorium also has a passion for interior design. And it shows!


Hamburg becomes HighEnd

In December 2018, AUDITORIUM will open its new showroom in Hamburg's Speicherstadt warehouse district. In the freshly renovated and acoustically optimised Old Main Customs Office of the harbour, the specialists for image and sound will showcase high-quality hi-fi, high-end and TV solutions ranging from chic headphones to opulent horn loudspeakers on more than 250 sqm, and all for practically any budget. But the focus is not on technology, but on competent advice and individual solutions for the best possible experience of music and film.


Happy Birthday!

The Auditorium celebrates its 40th birthday! #Wirsind4zig