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PRESS RELEASE Mark Levinson presents in the Hamm Auditorium: Maria by Daniel Hertz

Hamm 03/11/2022 // Daniel Hertz products make the hearts of hi-fi lovers beat faster. The absolute high-end products will be available for sale in Germany for the first time – in the Hamm Auditorium! Mark Levinson, founder of the Daniel Hertz company, is coming to Hamm on March 25th and 26th to present the brand and products.

Absolute premiere: the auditorium in Hamm will be the first retailer in Germany to present Daniel Hertz products. In addition, the products will be presented personally by the American hi-fi icon Mark Levinson. He founded the Swiss-based company "Daniel Hertz" in 2007 to develop world-class audio products and breakthrough technologies.

Daniel Hertz products exclusively in Hamm

Daniel Hertz technology aims to bring about a paradigm shift in audio amplification. This technology is used in the new Maria amplifier. The Maria amplifier will be presented exclusively in the Hamm Auditorium on March 25th and 26th in 45-minute demonstrations. Mark Levinson will also give a talk on Daniel Hertz and the new technologies. Appointments can be booked via the Auditorium events page.

The Daniel Hertz Maria Signature Edition is a limited edition, high-end amplifier, handcrafted in Venice. Only first-class materials are used that have not previously been used in any audio product.

What also makes the amplifier so special: Maria uses new DH semiconductors, software and an electrical architecture that replace typical audio technology and offer a more natural listening experience and many advantages. At the heart of Maria is C-Wave technology, which creates pure analog sound and feel from digital content. Maria replaces the DAC, preamp, power amplifier, and associated interconnect cables with a sleek, minimalist enclosure.

Passion turned into a job

Mark Levinson is an American audio equipment designer, multi-instrumentalist, musician, entrepreneur, and author. He has been an integral part of the hi-fi scene since the 1970s, for example he built the famous stage mixer for the Woodstock Festival. He started his career as an entrepreneur with the company of the same name "Mark Levinson". The name became an institution in the industry and has since stood for absolute high-end products. In 1984 he left the company.

Developing new products and technologies to advance the state of the art in audio is his passion. Over time he founded other companies such as Cello Ltd. and Red Rose Music. Daniel Hertz followed in 2007. The company name combines his father's first name, Daniel, with the family name of his mother, Maria, who is the grandniece of German physicist Heinrich Hertz.

Come to the Hamm Auditorium on March 25th and 26th to see Daniel Hertz technology and the new Maria amplifier for yourself.