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An open, bright architecture, on different levels, with large window areas, without doors and with only a few walls - this extremely modern design approach presented the AUDITORIUM team with very special challenges when planning the multimedia integration. But with a feeling for the client's wishes and with our proven partners such as Revox, Gira and Bowers & Wilkins, this project was also successfully implemented.

Close and competent coordination with the architects and all the trades involved in the construction is always an important basis for any project of this kind. But in the case of this new building in a sought-after lakeside location in the eastern Ruhr region, this was particularly true, as the very open and clear design of the premises made the planning challenging from a technical point of view alone. Every detail, from the cable routing to the number and position of the sockets, had to be carefully considered in advance, as subsequent changes would have been virtually impossible. And it also goes without saying that with such high-quality interior design, the size, position and appearance of all visible components such as ceiling speakers and control panels had to be taken into account in the design phase.

Once again, a multiroom system from Revox forms the heart of the system. In addition to the robust technology, which is extremely stable in operation, it is always the integration of the control system into the Gira switch range that convinces our customers. In this project, for example, there are also numerous rows of switches that combine the operation of the Multiroom system, lighting control and other functions in a visually unobtrusive manner. Communication within the system runs via the KNX bus, and thanks to the integration of Gira HomeServer, all components can also be controlled via app from a smartphone or tablet. The cinema room on the ground floor also has a permanently installed touch panel for accessing all functions.

Even though the architecture is very open, different listening zones are of course clearly defined in the Multiroom system. Although they are not spatially separated, the in-ceiling speakers from Sonance in the kitchen and the listening area, for example, can be operated separately with audio signals, but can also be conveniently grouped together. In the elegantly designed kitchen, a TV suspended from the ceiling also invites you to try out your favourite cooking show recipes live. Upstairs, the feel-good bathroom and the bedroom are designated as listening areas. A 47-inch flat screen TV can also be folded out of the bedroom ceiling for comfortable TV evenings.

In the basement, apart from the wellness area, the home cinema room is integrated into the system. The good sound is provided by an AV receiver from Marantz in combination with high-quality built-in speakers from Bowers & Wilkins. In addition to the locally installed Blu-ray player, a media server configured by AUDITORIUM serves as a player, the content of which is of course available to the entire Multiroom system. And last but certainly not least, the system provides for two listening zones in the outdoor area, so that the owners can also comfortably enjoy their favourite music there in summer.