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Rock'n Roll Townhouse

Sometimes you have to treat yourself. That's what a successful entrepreneur from the Rhineland thought when, after years of hard work, he fulfilled his own personal dream home. The impressive end result is characterised by a harmonious mix of retro and modern styles, many individual details - and a customised media solution from AUDITORIUM.

A classic townhouse was chosen as the (re)construction object, with the typical advantages and disadvantages of such a property. The convenient and central location as well as the large, quiet garden behind the house spoke in favour of the location right from the start; the rather narrow floor plan stretched out to the rear, however, definitely presented a challenge in terms of design.

A challenge, but one that was solved here in an architecturally convincing way. An open staircase with a handmade steel staircase connects all five floors with each other, whereby the various living areas appear self-contained and cosy. Here, the owners' motto for life is emblazoned in neon letters: If you stick to all the rules, you miss out on a lot of fun ...

Following this motto, the interior designed by Nora von Nordenskjöld (NOVONO) breaks with one or two classic design rules. Precious materials and geometric arrangement meet deliberately placed counterpoints such as original vintage furniture, which shows its history, and the recurring use of raw steel, where the one or other weld seam can be seen quite deliberately. Why hide real craftsmanship? The material was also used for the custom-made stand for the large 85-inch television. After initial consultations with the client and NOVONO's creative team, it quickly became clear that the conventional stand would not fit into the planned environment. AUDITORIUM planner Jan Wagner therefore designed his own construction, which was implemented by a local steel constructor and now not only fits perfectly into the design concept, but also offers space for completely invisible cable management at the same time.Together with the speakers placed unobtrusively in the ceiling and the subwoofer, which is also hidden, the large UHD display transforms the cosy reclining corner into an extremely comfortable home cinema for the whole family.

In the actual living room on the same level there is no TV, but there is really good music. The room correction of the Lyngdorf TDAI-2170 digital integrated amplifier ensures the perfect sound of the B&W speakers, which are not quite optimally placed for optical reasons, and the source is a fancy record player in addition to the music server available throughout the house - a prelude from the AUDITORIUM, of course.

One floor up is the owners' private area, consisting of a bedroom, an open bathroom and a large dressing area - all of which is of course discreetly but comprehensively sounded by the house-wide multi-room system. In the bedroom, a TV is hidden behind a motorised Future Automation panel, while a slim sound bar provides the good sound. In case this is only to be used for listening to music, a corresponding opening position for the motorised hiding place has also been programmed.

All aspects of the home and media technology are operated via a very flexible control system. iPads strategically placed in several locations allow access to all functions, as do apps on the owners' mobile phones and personal tablets. However, for some areas, such as the bedroom, conventional push-button remote controls are available to facilitate the operation of standard functions via programmed scenarios.

The top floor with its own bathroom is planned for guests, but otherwise also serves the owner as a music room. And that both actively and passively, because when drums, piano or guitars are taking a break, two Devialet Phantoms provide high-quality stereo sound. And even in the fresh air, good entertainment is always provided. Both the three balconies and the terrace at garden level are connected to the house-wide music system via B&W outdoor speakers, which are conveniently operated via smartphone app.

With a great deal of stylistic confidence, impressive architecture and many individual detail solutions, a very personal oasis of well-being has been created here in the middle of the big city - right down to the wellness area on the garden floor, complete with fitness equipment, punching bag and sauna. And thanks to a well-thought-out technology concept, all modern possibilities of media use are available at any time, but without pushing themselves into the foreground.

Rock 'n' roll or relax - both are fun in this chic townhouse.