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When a family was planning their new home in the eastern Ruhr area, one equipment detail was at the top of their common wish list. A large and cosy home cinema should definitely find a place in the new house, and in terms of picture and sound quality at the absolute top level. After all, all members of the family share a pronounced fondness for films and music. The owners commissioned the AUDITORIUM experts to implement this project. Since the specifications for the cinema included not only perfect picture quality but also absolutely flawless sound quality, the entire room was acoustically calculated in advance so that the subsequent room acoustics could already be taken into account when the architect determined the floor plan.  

Every centimetre planned - The screen fully fills the available space for the largest possible image. The wall was placed with the necessary distance in front of the actual room wall to create space for the high-quality speakers behind the screen and the bass absorbers. The decision for projector and screen was also made at this early stage, so that further structural measures could be planned accordingly. The Sony VPL-VW1100 4k projector was to provide a brilliant image, and a curved screen from industry leader Stewart Filmscreens would make optimal use of the available room width. Two professional racks from Middle Atlantic were provided for all the cinema's technology, one of which serves as a stable stand for the Sony projector so that it can illuminate the screen through a precisely placed wall opening. This opening also accommodates the Panamorph anamorphic lens. This lens is motorised in front of the projector, depending on the image format, and thus creates the widescreen image in a purely optical way. This not only means the best image quality, but above all ensures that the image always fills the screen to its full height.  

Neat and tidy - All the technology for the cinema and the house-wide multi-room system is housed in two ventilated rack cabinets. A classy film server from Kaleidescape provides convenient access to the owners' film collection. To create a real cinema feeling and ensure that even long movie nights can be enjoyed in the utmost comfort, the owners opted for six home cinema chairs by Cineak with ample storage space, cup holders within easy reach and electric adjustment for backrests and footrests. The other interior fittings were colour-coordinated with the brown leather of the armchairs. Cream-coloured walls meet real wood in carpenter quality and are atmospherically set in scene by numerous LED elements.  

Form, function, design - all components of the cinema have been technically and visually coordinated. In order not to disturb the noble ambience, only recessed in-wall speakers are used in the cinema. Behind the screen, on the sides and in the rear wall, noble InWall speakers from the CT and CI series by Bowers & Wilkins do their powerful job, while smaller installations by the same manufacturer in the ceiling ensure the reproduction of the additional Dolby Atmos and DTS:X channels. Since the house owners also like to have some hearty action on their cinema programme, they didn't skimp on the bass either. Under the screen, two Velodyne subwoofers push hard, and in addition, a structure-borne sound transducer from iBeam was installed in each of the six seats, which gives the corresponding bass events even more emphasis and makes them physically tangible.  

Almost invisible - The noble InWall speakers from B&W offer the sound of a floorstanding speaker, but remain visually in the background. In order to keep the concentrated power of this collection of speakers in check and to ensure the same sound quality at every location, the AUDITORIUM experts had to go to some trouble. Wedge elements cleverly integrated into the lighting design effectively disperse any high-frequency reflections in the front area. Several precisely calculated bass traps were sunk under the screen and in the rear wall. These are tuned to each dampen very specific areas of low frequency sound that would otherwise cause resonance due to the dimensions of the cinema space.  

Elaborate acoustic planning - Even before construction began, the acoustics of the cinema were completely simulated. This made it possible to identify and compensate for potential problems at an early stage, e.g. by using bass absorbers hidden in the double wall. The acoustic calculations, which were already done before construction of the building began, were so accurate that there was hardly anything to criticise about the acoustics of the finished installed system. The last fine details could then be conveniently optimised by calibrating the electronics, so that the sound of this basement cinema now easily outshines any multiplex hall, no matter how modern.

Perfectly tuned - the subwoofer provides powerful pressure in the entire bass range, the absorber hidden in the wall specifically corrects problems of the room in a narrowly limited frequency band. Although their own cinema was at the top of the builders' wish list, other rooms were naturally also to be upgraded with appropriate technology. For example, the billiard room, which also serves as a kind of anteroom for the cinema. After all, it doesn't always have to be the big cinema; for a cosy evening of football with friends, for example, a completely different ambience is needed. That's why the owner of the house wants a full-fledged system here, too, complete with a projector, a screen that can be lowered into the ceiling and a television. A hi-fi system with record player and high-quality CM9 floor-standing speakers from B&W provides the right sound.  

Recreation - In the anteroom of the cinema, you can relax with a game of billiards or enjoy a hearty evening of football with friends. Guests should also feel at home here, which is why the guest room was also equipped with a media wall consisting of a TV and recessed speakers. At the same time, this room, like all other rooms in the house, is connected to the multi-room music system.  

Modern hospitality - Even visitors do not have to do without any comfort here and have full access to the music system and the film server. In the light-flooded living area, all these amenities should also be available, yet remain completely unobtrusive. In fact, apart from the TV, there is virtually no technology to be seen. The sound comes from numerous strategically placed ceiling speakers, and is operated very simply via wall elements, or by remote control or app via the Control4 control system.  

Stylish - In the living area you see (almost) nothing of the extensive technical equipment of the house. In summer, the sunny terrace in front of the living room invites you to sit, barbecue and celebrate. Loudspeakers from the sound specialists at B&W, in this case the AM-1 outdoor version, provide the background music for all activities.  

Outdoor sound from the specialists - Bowers & Wilkins AM-1 outdoor speakers deliver the best sound even on the patio.