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White Dream

When a completely new building is in the pipeline, the integration of a Multiroom system is the easiest. All details, from the position of the control units to the necessary space in the technical room to the cable routing, can be planned precisely and optimally right from the start. This makes it easy to integrate a complete home cinema system with full-grown floor-standing loudspeakers into the living room in such a way that it does not interfere with the room design, but rather complements it. As in this example.  

The requirements for this project were clearly defined in advance. A main room, six side rooms and a listening zone on the terrace were to be provided with music of the highest possible quality. At the same time, it should be possible to use a variety of sources, and of course the whole system should remain easy to operate.

Minimalist design and full function After in-depth consultation, the customer and the experts at AUDITORIUM Münster jointly decided on a proven solution from Revox. The decisive reasons for this decision were above all the stability and reliability in daily operation, for which the Multiroom system from Switzerland is famous, as well as optimal integration of the various control panels into the switch and electrical programme from Gira.

Revox and Gira, a successful combination for years.   

In the open-plan living room, the client wanted a real home cinema feeling with as little visible technology as possible. The original idea of solving the picture with a motorised screen and beamer hiding place was discarded after the client was able to take a look at the E75HU759 LED/LCD television from Samsung in the AUDITORIUM. The 75-inch (190 cm) screen diagonal indeed meets cineastic demands, and the unrestricted daylight suitability in the very bright living room also spoke in favour of this solution. Even though the Samsung has enough light reserves to deliver a good picture even in full sunlight, the possibility of dimming - especially in the summer months when it stays bright for a long time - is still very important for optimal picture quality. For this reason, the home cinema electronics were connected to the rest of the building services via KNX so that combined room scenes can be created. For example, it is now enough to press a button to switch on the home cinema and either dim the lights or activate the shading, depending on the time of day.

When it came to the loudspeakers in the living room, the choice could only fall on the Re:sound G elegance series from Revox. These slim floor-standing speakers, together with the centre speaker and subwoofer, offer sound that is both powerful and rich in detail, and with their elegant white surfaces they blend seamlessly into the thoroughly styled surroundings. To match, a closed glass rack from Spectral houses all the electronics, which remain invisible yet fully operable behind an infrared-permeable fabric covering. The brain of the Multiroom system - the Revox Re:system M51 - sits well hidden in the Spectral rack in the living room with the home cinema players.    

No visible technology was desired in the adjoining rooms. To ensure the best possible sound quality in the kitchen, bathroom, guest toilet, bedroom and hallway, high-quality ceiling speakers from Bowers & Wilkins are used. The client and AUDITORIUM also rely on the experience of the British hi-fi specialists on the terrace, which is provided with sound by the AM-1 outdoor loudspeakers from the same company.

In terms of operation, the installed system allows the greatest possible flexibility. All areas of the house can be fully interchanged via a central Gira touch panel. Gira/Revox keypads are used for quick and easy operation in the individual rooms. Apps on the owners' various mobile devices are also available for control and, last but not least, the home cinema electronics can be operated in the conventional way using a programmed universal remote control. The system is intelligent enough to avoid conflicts between the individual control paths, so the occupants can easily operate the home automation system in the way that is most convenient for them. 

Control centre: The large touch display from Gira is only one of the ways in which the system can be controlled Apart from the Blu-ray player and TV receiver in the living room, all rooms can access various sources. In addition to FM and Internet radio, this is primarily a server configured by the AUDITORIUM, which provides the system with the owner's complete music collection in lossless FLAC quality. New CDs can of course be added to the library via automatic ripping.

The complete electronics, including the music server, disappears invisibly into the 19-inch rack in the building services room AUDITORIUM was involved in the planning of the new building from the very beginning and was thus able to coordinate the installation of the Multiroom system with the other trades involved and to install all elements successively over the construction phase of about seven months. As a reward for this detailed planning, the owner was able to put the system into full operation just in time for the move-in. And with good music in all rooms, unpacking the boxes in the new home is twice as much fun!