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Audioquest NRG-1000 20AMP IEC C19


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Product number: 267701


Product information NRG-1000 20AMP IEC C19
Productnumber 267701 Audioquest NRG connector

The high-performance power plugs NRG-500 and NRG-1000, which are used on the AudioQuest power cables NRG-1000, NRG Wild and NRG WEL Signature, are now also available individually and can be quickly and easily assembled with any power cable. These high-performance, low-distortion power plugs are equipped with male connections made of pure copper and are directly coated using the 'hanging gold' (NRG-500) and 'hanging silver' (NRG-1000) processes - the best-sounding power plugs from the AudioQuest range. The housings on both the male and female connectors are made of non-metallic ABS and represent the latest developments in AQ connector design.

Hanging-Silver and Hanging-Gold are very thick and unusually pure direct coatings that are produced by dipping the individual connector. The result is far superior to conventional electroplating, in which a set of plugs is moved in a drum. This not only results in a beautiful finish (which is actually not really desirable, because this shiny surface is usually created by applying a nickel barrier layer under the silver or gold), but also enables much more precise control of the composition of the immersion liquid and the connection to the layers underneath ... you can hear that - and after a while you can see it too, because hanging silver is relatively immune to tarnishing (but occasional cleaning with a silver polishing cloth can still do no harm).

Low-distortion, high-purity purple copper is used for the male base connector of the NRG-500; The plugs of the NRG-1000 use even higher quality pure red copper.

Compared to compromised brass or other material, both plugs produce a clearly superior sound. With a higher current flow and larger magnetic fields, the housing of a power plug or the 'splicing' of a loudspeaker cable is in the path of the magnetic field and interrupts the current flow. Because of these facts, AudioQuest uses only non-metallic ABS for the housings of the new NRG-500 and the new NRG-1000 power plug.

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Product type: power adapter