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Founded in Bochum in 1994 and recently moved to Berlin, Audionet pursues only one vision: to give listeners absolutely direct, immediate access to musical and cinematic works. In the words of company founder and boss Thomas Gessler: "What distinguishes our components from others is their ability to breathe. Audionet machines such as the legendary integrated amplifier Audionet SAM G3 or the groundbreaking CD drive ART G3 manage to present art completely and authentically and make the listener forget that they are technical devices that reproduce images and sounds.

"Art is a mediator of the inexpressible" (Johann Wolfgang v. Goethe) is one of Audionet's guiding principles. Culture is the essence of the human. Art is a form of expression that deepens and fulfils our lives. But like the sounds of an orchestra without instruments; what would a painter paint without colours - in short: what art would there be without technology?

Even if the ultimate goal is to create almost magical sounds, Audionet's approach is anything but esoteric. Mastermind Gessler knows that good measurements alone do not make for good sound, but he is convinced that they are a necessary prerequisite to achieve this goal.

Audionet ART G3, SAM G2, MAP I, DNP, WATT, PLANCK, STERN... The list of outstanding and award-winning Audionet products is long. Conceived with scientific inspiration, developed with Audionet's professional passion, built with craftsmanship. Unique creations that serve to enrich life.

To make this possible, Audionet often goes its own way and develops unique technologies. Whether it is the Ultra-Linear-Amplifier-Technology (ULA), which gives the SAM and other Audionet amplifiers their incredibly neutral and stable sound, or the sophisticated Aligned-Resonance-Transport Suspension (ART), where the drives in the VIP G3 and ART G3 are suspended on plastic belts to protect them from vibrations, or the complex volume control via a precision resistor network in the SAM G3 and other amplifiers - all these technologies were developed because the existing and available solutions that would suffice many other manufacturers were simply not good enough for Audionet's needs.

It is exactly this pronounced perfectionism, combined with scientific curiosity and love for music, that makes Audionet's machines so special.


Thomas Gessler

Audionet EPS G2 ext. power supply

3 Variants Color black blue silver rosenut black red