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Mythical Creature Analog Connection Cables - The essence of sound

The audiophile world enters a new dimension with AudioQuest's groundbreaking Mythical Creature Analog Connection Cables. These exceptional cables - ThunderBird, FireBird and Dragon - are not only masterpieces of sound quality, but also a revolution in transmission technology. The Mythical Creature cables not only define new categories, but also set unrivaled standards for transparency and music enjoyment.

The constant search for perfection

For over four decades, AudioQuest has been dedicated to the development and improvement of analog interconnect cables, a continuous ascent to an unattainable pinnacle. Each step along this challenging path leads to purer, more transparent and more beautiful sound. The evolution of sound comes in small increments, but there have been moments when breakthroughs in materials and technology catapulted sound into a new dimension, comparable to a rapid cable car ride to the next station.

The Mythical Creature cables are one such milestone.

Highest performance and flexibility

For over four decades, AudioQuest has relied on double or triple symmetry to avoid inferior shielding. The Mythical Creature cables break with this tradition to integrate an optimized ZERO-Tech. The individual signal and ground paths become visible, resulting in unprecedented flexibility. The intricate construction of these cables gives them remarkable adaptability.

Carbon/Graphene/Carbon Mesh: The power of noise dissipation

High frequency noise is ubiquitous and can affect sound quality. The Mythical Creature cables feature advanced noise dissipation technologies, including conductor direction control, ZERO-Tech, a carbon and graphene resistance mesh, and heavily silver-plated shield drains. This combination minimizes disruptive effects and creates a purer soundscape.

Aesthetics and functionality combined

The eye-catching RCA plugs of the Mythical Creature cables are the result of the highest technical standards. Thanks to a special coating, they achieve maximum HF conductivity and reduce potential coupling. The aesthetic of these plugs is more than skinny beauty - it's a testament to engineering brilliance.

A Quantum Leap in Noise Dissipation - ZERO-Tech

The ability to transmit more information with less misinformation is thanks to ZERO-Tech. Also known as No Characteristic-Impedance, this revolutionary concept improves RF noise dissipation and minimizes dielectric interference. The result is a soundscape that reveals the finest nuances and lets the music shine in all its glory. The Mythical Creature cables reveal details in a new depth, even at low volumes. Relaxation and excitement merge into a unique listening experience.

XLR cables with dual 72v DBS packs

The AQ Dielectric Bias system achieves its full efficiency with the Mythical Creature cables. Each positive signal path has its own DBS system, resulting in exceptional audio fidelity. The elegant DBS double pack enables even more precise transmission.

The foundation of perfection

The Mythical Creature cables are proud witnesses of decades of research and innovation. But like a skyscraper, even the most impressive building is only as strong as its foundation. From the very beginning, AudioQuest relied on Teflon and air as dielectrics, while directional conductors and HyperLitz geometry paved the way. The Mythical Creature cables are the result of this proven foundation.


Crafted from unparalleled materials and cutting-edge noise reduction technologies, the Dragon is a leap forward in the world of audio connectivity. It embodies AudioQuest's auditory ideals and comes closer to the concept of the invisible cable than ever before.


The FireBird has its place in the fascinating world of mythical creatures. But it is anything but an ordinary member. This extraordinary cable shines in unique splendor and is almost on par with the unrivaled performance of Audioquest's flagship Dragon


A true masterpiece from AudioQuest, the ThunderBird opens up a new dimension in sound reproduction. Imagine if it weren't for its Mythical siblings FireBird and Dragon, the ThunderBird might just be the best cable the world has ever heard.

The quintessence of sound

AudioQuest's Mythical Creature Analog Connection Cables aren't just cables, they're a magical connection to the purest sound quality. With ZERO-Tech, groundbreaking materials and innovative technology, these cables achieve a dimension of sound that has never been reached before. The Mythical Creature cables reveal music in all its beauty and invite you to listen for yourself. Join us on this journey to incomparable sound enjoyment.