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HiFi goes wireless

Bluesound is the innovative wireless system that streams music throughout the home. The associated BluOS™ user interface makes it possible to stream uncompressed, high-resolution 24-bit / 192 kHz music data to the players integrated in the network.

BluOS™ only uses the local network for the transmission of music and organization of the platform - and is controlled with the BluOS™ app available for smartphones and tablets or a Windows or Mac computer. Since BluOS™ is multiroom-capable, up to 64 zones can be integrated and controlled either synchronously with an audio stream or individually with different programs at different volumes.

Made for more than MP3

Even if Bluesound can of course play MP3 data, its strength lies in the playback of high-resolution digital audio formats, which can be designed up to MQA Studio Master quality. As an alternative to network transmission, the individual Bluesound components can also be supplied with music data directly from mobile devices via Bluetooth or via cable.

Your music at your fingertips

Whether you stream Internet radio, download high-definition tracks from the Internet, or have a local music library, Bluesound offers instant access to millions of songs from a variety of sources at the touch of a button. It's almost as if you can choose all the music ever recorded from your smartphone.

Bluesound's vision

Bluesound is a group of audiophile music lovers dedicated to the goal of wireless, perfect-sounding hi-fi playback. The team includes designers, engineers and others who have spent their lives in the music industry. Bluesound's designers and engineers, together with NAD, shaped hi-fi audio production as early as the 1970s. Therefore, the development of innovative technologies and the most authentic possible reproduction of music remains an absolute endeavor of the Bluesound company.

Review Digitally stored music

Storing music as digital data, like any other new technology, started with a lot of excitement but also big doubts. Initially only available in the original 16-bit CD format, later also compatible with mobile music players and computers with compressed audio data, it was not long before digital audio became the recognized standard for the next generation. The Bluesound developers love digital technology, but we decided to raise the bar and offer music lovers optimal sound quality. In the meantime, high-resolution master recordings from many productions had made their way to the computers and music servers so that the full sound spectrum of the recordings could also be enjoyed on the home hi-fi system. For this reason, all Bluesound speakers and players understand the high-resolution 24-bit digital audio format.

Your music - available everywhere and for everyone

Bluesound has developed a state-of-the-art, digital platform that enables a fantastic, high-resolution audio experience. Listening to music with Bluesound means experiencing the artist as authentically as they produced their recording. Whether Internet radio, online streaming services or your own music library - all music starts at the push of a button. Bluesound combines music with outstanding technologies and creates systems that offer the best audio quality. With amplifier technologies from NAD Electronics and PSB Speakers, Bluesound has successfully asserted itself on the market for hi-fi speakers.

Additionally, harness the power of BlueOS, an advanced multi-room audio software that lets you access and stream music from any room in your home. With BlueOS, you have millions of songs on demand at all times.

Excellent sound

Consequently more than one reason why Bluesound Hifi devices and technologies have been awarded several prizes, such as the "Product of the Year" or the "Best Buy Award".

Experience music reproduction like in the recording studio. A mix of Internet radio, music online services such as Spotify and your own music palette promises the greatest variety of music playback. You don't have to be an audiophile to hear this high-resolution music. Become one with Bluesound's unique sound reproduction.