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Discover the groundbreaking Bowers & Wilkins 600 S3 Series - your ticket to a whole new sound experience. The innovation begins with the all-new titanium dome tweeter, eclipsing the aluminum twin dome of previous generations.

The extended tube system in the tweeter makes perfect use of the low resonant frequency of the dome - a sound that is free and detached from cabinet resonances.

The cabinet has been optimized, the tweeter and the drivers for mid and midrange move closer together to achieve a musical imaging of unparalleled clarity. The stiffer interior bracing of the cabinet emphasizes the purity of the sound.

Each model in the series houses Continuum cone drivers for stunning audio fidelity, while the woofers/midrange drivers are driven by powerful 700 S3 magnet systems.

Bowers & Wilkins 600 S3 series redefines sound quality - from the titanium dome tweeter to the optimized details, including the terminals in the 700 series design.

Experience sound in its purest form with enhanced crossovers inspired by the 700 series. Welcome to a new dimension of hearing!