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If a name all over the world stands for high-end audio "Made In Germany", then it is definitely Burmester. Like hardly any other manufacturer, Burmester wins awards all over the world and is the reference in terms of sound for many people.

Founded in 1977 by the musician and engineer Dieter Burmester, Burmester amplifiers, loudspeakers and sources aimed at the topmost regions of technical feasibility from the very beginning. What this means exactly and how it sounds in the end is probably best explained by Dieter Burmester's background. Before he founded his own hi-fi company, he developed highly sensitive circuit technology for the medical sector. Furthermore, he has been making music himself all his life, preferably rock music, and on a thoroughly professional level. That's why his audio equipment and loudspeakers are characterized by high technical perfection and offer an absolutely sincere and precise reproduction of the recording, which never ignores the essence and soul of the music.

Initially Burmester designed amplifiers and developed groundbreaking technologies in this field, which today belong to the tools of every high-end manufacturer. These include, for example, balanced signal paths and amplifier circuits or the high-quality remote volume control via relay-switched resistors. The highlight of this development was and still is the largest and most powerful of all Burmester amplifiers, the powerful power amplifier 909. 909 has been produced in the meanwhile fifth model generation since 1990 and not only sets standards in terms of sound and technology, but was also groundbreaking for the unmistakable Burmester design.

This irrepressible thirst for research, this need to sound out and expand the limits of technology is also reflected in other Burmester products. The world's first belt-driven CD player was made by Burmester, the actively controlled technology of the Burmester Power Conditioner is patented worldwide, Burmester loudspeakers set standards in manufacturing effort, processing and sound, the digital music centers Burmester 111 and 150 offer Burmester sound with modern hires music.

In 2005, Burmester heralded a completely new era when they equipped the superluxus sports car Bugatti Veyron with a noble sound system. What began as an elaborate manufactory production has developed into a completely independent branch of business since 2009 through the cooperation with Porsche. Initially for the Panamera, and meanwhile in all models, Porsche customers can order a perfectly adapted Burmester system. Since 2013, buyers of a Mercedes of the S-, C- and V-class have the same option.


Dieter Burmester

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Burmester B80 MKII Floorstanding Speaker

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