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The striving for perfection and the extraordinary philosophy of the founder Peter Suchy still characterize the company clearaudio today. Clearaudio represents its philosophy of innovative and unique technologies and the creation of a fourth dimension of music: emotions that strike directly at the heart of the listener.

Clearaudio gained fame as early as 1978 when they developed the first revolutionary moving coil pickups, which constantly improved the sound quality of clearaudio products. Since then, the company has delighted music lovers in more than 80 countries worldwide with a first-class range of hi-fi turntables. The portfolio of clearaudio includes not only high-end turntables, tonearms and cartridges, but also high quality preamplifiers and a selection of countless accessories of the highest quality.

For 25 years now his children Robert, Patrick and Veronika Suchy have been the company's philosophy and the associated first-class production of clearaudio products.

Highly specialized employees work daily on uncompromisingly accurate designs with the highest quality of materials and ingenious manufacturing technology. To ensure this quality, clearaudio produces in the spirit of "Made in Germany". A large part of the product components are handmade at clearaudio and thus guarantee unique quality. The resulting independence from third-party manufacturers and the permanent increase of the vertical range of manufacture enable series constancy, documentation of the production and outstanding acoustic results.

After years of development work clearaudio then made a statement. With the turntable Statement and the corresponding tangential tone arm TT1 clearaudio breaks all rules and limits and creates a new dimension of music reproduction.

Clearaudio is therefore the contribution to the preservation of excellent analog music reproduction. The importance and the worldwide enthusiasm for audiophile listening pleasure is increasing. Clearaudio stands for this development and is essential for the future of this kind of hifi audio production.


Peter Suchy

Clearaudio CONCEPT MM

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Clearaudio CONCEPT MC Wood

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