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The English hi-fi company Cyrus Audio has a declared goal: to explore the limits of what is possible in hi-fi without rest. The privately owned audio engineering company focuses not on being the biggest, but the best. The company's products receive a lot of praise from the press and Cyrus was also able to achieve the awards "Best in Class" and "Product of the Year" in several product categories.

Cyrus wants to manufacture products that have an exceptionally long life. To achieve this, high quality and a flexible and reliable after-sales service are essential. Cyrus' successful product lines include the ONE series amplifiers and systems, the Classic series, which has been continuously developed since 1983 and includes the well-known power supplies, DACs and CD engines, and the XR series, the latest and, as Cyrus itself says, best product series.

XR is nothing less than a revolution in audio quality. XR has been developed from scratch, with the accumulated knowledge of more than a decade. The range represents the best application of new DAC technologies, cutting edge power supply design, circuit topology, user interface and is manufactured entirely in the UK using the highest specification components.

All in all, Cyrus follows a unique philosophy of high value and best quality.