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You can't have hi-fi without music, that's only logical. And, of course, all audio equipment manufacturers emphasize again and again how important the love of music is to them. But some companies seem to have internalized this passion more than others. The Danish loudspeaker manufacturer DALI is a particular example of this, as it already states under its brand logo what drives the company and its employees. "In Admiration of Music" - out of admiration for music, DALI develops its loudspeakers. This could easily be dismissed as a pure marketing statement, but the Danes always follow these words with deeds, referring to all aspects of music reproduction.     

From the small, portable Bluetooth speaker DALI Katch to the built-in speakers of the Phantom series and the impressive Epicon 8 - the developers in Nørager rely on the best materials for their loudspeakers, which are manufactured almost exclusively in their own factory. This ensures that all products combine elegant design, high craftsmanship and modern technology in the best possible way. DALI also prefers to use its own developments for the components used, such as the characteristic drivers with the very light and torsionally stiff wood fibre membranes and the particularly low-distortion linear drive magnet system. Developing such technologies costs time, money and energy. However, this is the only way for the developers to have full control over the result. After all, DALI loudspeakers are designed to bring music to life, in any environment and for any budget.

But the Danes go one step further, because in addition to a good system you need one thing above all else to listen to music: good music. And so it is only logical that DALI is also committed to this. A separate blog presents interesting artists from all over the world in loose order; the Copenhagen band Lukas Graham has accompanied the loudspeaker manufacturer from the very beginning on its way to international charter success.

The DALI samplers, a self-published series of now four CDs and records, have also long been legendary. In addition to outstanding recording quality, they are characterised by an enormously exciting selection of music across all genres. In contrast to many other "demo CDs", the coveted DALI discs are not given away as gifts, but are sold at normal market prices via specialist dealers and our own web shop. The fact that all editions have nevertheless long since been sold out is impressive proof of the quality of the music compilation.

Work is now underway on the fifth edition of the successful series, which is scheduled for release in mid-2018. And since the company is celebrating its 35th anniversary this year, they are treating themselves and their fans to something special this time: The DALI sampler No. 5 will only contain recordings that international artists have recorded exclusively for it. Good music and good music listening - for DALI, both really belong together. 

Dali Epicon Vokal Center Speaker

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