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Sound quality since 1975

The Japanese company Dynavector Systems Limited has been developing innovative products in the area of tonearms and cartridges for 40 years.

Innovative technology and precision manufacturing

Thanks to decades of research and development, the high-quality pickups meet the highest audiophile standards. Patented technologies such as the Flux Damping Magnet System and Micro Ridge Stylus Needles are examples of the advanced developments in Dynavector products.

Popular models and awards

The Dynavector product range includes various models, including the popular Dynavector DV20X2, the Dynavector DV17D3 and the exclusive Dynavector Karat series. Audiophiles and Hi-Fi enthusiasts highly value Dynavector and their products.

For its MC pickups, Dynavector offers a special listening experience in every price category to provide music lovers with the best possible standard of pickup scanning technology.