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Modern media integration requires individual solutions: every room is different, every customer has his or her own requirements, tastes are different. Finding the right solution for every situation and application is the job of the experts who plan and execute such installations. But for them to succeed, they need the right tools and products that are just as specialised as their expertise.

The British manufacturer Future Automation recognised this at the end of the nineties and since then has offered a diverse range of intelligent and flexible installation solutions for televisions, projectors and other aspects of media integration. A Future Automation wall mount, for example, is clearly different from most of its competitors. Above all, by the flexibility of the various designs and their perfect integrability into practically all home control systems. Therefore, with Future Automation, the planner can realise a practically infinite variety of solutions, swivel the TV mounted on the wall bracket in all conceivable directions, fold it under the ceiling, hide it behind a picture or even in a custom-made piece of furniture.

This variety already makes it possible to realise numerous installations, but Future Automation offers the creative installer even more service. The British company is happy to make its many years of experience in the construction of TV wall mounts and projector lifts available in order to develop absolutely individual solutions together with the planner, which are then built specifically for this one project.

So there are hardly any limits to creativity, especially when it comes to TV hiding places. We permanently present a selection of possible solutions in our showrooms in Hamm, Münster and Hamburg.