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The history of the Grado company begins with Joseph Grado, who laid the foundation stone of the legendary manufactory in 1953. With a modest starting capital of 2000 dollars, he developed the first pickups and headphones, which advanced into what we now call High End.

Always in family ownership, Joseph Grado's nephew, John Grado, created the "Prestige" series of headphones, for which the company is now known throughout the world and has received numerous awards. Now the sons have perfected the revolutionary headphones even further: The new e-series comes as close as never before to the listening experience of live music.

The PrestigeSR60e headphones are the entry-level model in the line. For an amazingly affordable price, these headphones open up unique worlds of sound. Using newly developed dynamic drivers, the headphones have a world-class mid-range and the improved damping of the open plastic housing completely eliminates acoustic distortion.

The definition of hi-fi and the highlight of the series is the Prestige SR325e, which is one of the best headphones in the industry, with fine materials, highest sound and bass quality.

Exceptionally good is also the Reference line from Grado, which embodies the design and craftsmanship of the latest audio technology. The Reference line features an elegant mahogany housing and a nappa leather headband. However, not only the design but also the technology of the headphones speaks for itself. A dynamic sound image and uniquely realistic neutrality make music an unforgettable pleasure.

But the absolute masterpiece of Grado headphones is the Professional PS1000e. With this model, Grado pushes the boundaries of music reproduction and creates headphones that are already a legend.

However, not only Grado headphones but also Grado pickups dominate the worldwide market for hi-fi audio equipment. The pickups promise highest quality "Made in USA" and are handmade by Grado. Thanks to the optimised and unique transmission cantilever technology and other innovative developments, Grado pickups produce an outstanding sound.

For more than 70 years Grado has been outperforming its hifi products time and again. The company convinces with its unique technologies and produces the best headphones and pickups of all times on the basis of these technologies - according to the motto "From ear to your heart".

Grado Blue 3 Prestige Series MI Pickup

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