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JL Audio

JL Audio's history began in 1975, when two Americans, James Birch and Lucio Proni, joined forces in Florida to initially gain a foothold in the loudspeaker market and in the field of self-build loudspeakers. The name is simply and sympathetically composed of the first letters of the founders (with the addition AUDIO). At the beginning of the 1980s, when the topic of hi-fi systems in cars became popular, Birch, Proni and the now co-partner Stephen Seidl concentrated on car hi-fi, especially subwoofers. JL Audio's first appearance with a subwoofer for the home system was at the CES in Las Vegas in 1991. Since then, the product range has been continuously developed and has grown into an extensive assortment, from solid entry-level subwoofers to active subwoofers of maximum technical quality for the ultimate high-end demand. And that worldwide.

Nowadays we know: subwoofers from JL Audio can be addictive. With JL Audio, there is no padding around somewhere in the depths of a cellar frequency. They mean business and even with the more price-conscious dominion series, they deliver feisty little bass drivers that don't let themselves get rattled even at higher levels. With the help of the CR 1 active crossover and the calibration system, even acoustically demanding rooms that are teeming with bass modes can be perfectly controlled. Whether you want to support your small loudspeakers or give your full-grown floor-standing loudspeaker a boost, JL AUDIO has the right answer.

If you prefer a more inconspicuous look without having to lower your quality standards, you will be pleased with the In-Wall subwoofers. Active and of course with JL Audio room calibration, they leave nothing to be desired in terms of sound. The quality of JL Audio's in-wall subwoofers goes as far as the high-quality FATHOM series - which is only surpassed by the Gotham. The Gotham, however, is not built into the wall. Rather, it moves it a little bit.