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Sometimes it is astonishing, which seemingly general and understood wisdom of hi-fi was originally perceived as revolutionary ideas. So it is no surprise to anyone today that the sound pressure generated by a loudspeaker can have an influence on the reproduction quality of a turntable in the same room. But when the Scotsman Ivor Tiefenbrun put forward this thesis in the early seventies, it was considered the obsession of a quirky layman. But Ivor didn't let himself be put off by this, proved his theory empirically (simply by banishing the turntable to another room and laying long cables), researched the causes and found a solution to the problem - the legendary Sondek LP12, Linn's first product.

The Linn Sondek LP12 revolutionized turntable construction and is still being built today in a version that has been revised and updated several times and established the reputation of the Linn brand as one of the first hi-fi addresses in the world. Based in the Scottish metropolis of Glasgow since its foundation, Linn continued the path taken with the LP12 and developed a whole range of innovative concepts, most of which are still in use today.

These concepts include the isobaric loudspeaker construction patented in 1974, which can still be found in the Linn Akubarik, the Linn 530 or the Linn Majik Isobarik. Or the concentration on loudspeakers with active crossover or own amplification. All current top speakers, i.e. the Linn Klimax, Linn Akubarik and Linn Akudorik, are available with perfectly tuned active modules. Linn took the principle of the active loudspeaker to the extreme in 2015, when Linn Exakt was introduced. This technology makes it possible for the first time to upgrade any passive loudspeaker, including those of other manufacturers, to a fully-fledged, intelligent and networked active loudspeaker.

The Scots were also among the pioneers in the highly topical "digital hi-fi revolution" and presented the industry's first high-end streaming solutions with the Linn Sneaky and the Linn Akurate.

The latest stroke of genius from Linn is the Space Optimisation technology, which allows all the advantages of an active loudspeaker to be exploited to the full. The software-based system allows the sound of any Linn product connected to the network, including Majik systems and Linn Akurate upgraded loudspeakers, to be optimally matched to the room - without any measurement technology or user expertise.

Last but not least, Linn also operates its own music label, which is dedicated to the best possible recordings. What began with a single record cutting machine has now become one of the world's most important sources for sophisticated downloads in studio master quality.


Series 3 is Linns first fully integrated wireless speaker. A simple, all-in-one wireless speaker that exudes pure elegance in every way, blends seamlessly into your home and enriches your everyday life with exceptional musical clarity. Audio performance, design, looks and ease of use - Series 3 is high-end in every way.

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The LP12 is fully modular, so you can build it to your own unique spec. Too much choice? Go for the ultimate Klimax version, entry level Majik, or upgraded Akurate. Plus, you can upgrade any LP12 to the latest and best specification, piece by piece.

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Build the system of your dreams! Our range of hi-fi separates give you the flexibility to build and upgrade your system step by step to the ultimate in performance.

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