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Linn Selekt DSM

First of all, Selekt DSM means having the freedom to configure your device according to your own wishes. Numerous configuration options are available. For the music fan, this means struggling through a confusing forest of technical data, numerous features and a whole heap of questions. You don't have to do all that, because we're happy to help.


First of all, you decide between the SELEKT DSM CLASSIC HUB and the SELEKT DSM EDITION HUB. The HUB provides the foundation on which you build your SELEKT DSM. A SELEKT DSM HUB is a fully formed streamer including a high-quality display and, of course, the new UTOPIK power supply. The HUB holds everything together.

The housing has two tasks: First, it ensures that all sensitive components are protected and decoupled as much as possible. Secondly, it needs a certain touch quality to meet your demands - without looking, you will immediately notice whether the SELEKT DSM CLASSIC or the SELEKT DSM EDITION knob moves under your fingers. Of course, you are welcome to try it out with us.


The next important decision to be made is what level of sound you want your musical future to be. Here the decision about the digital/analogue converter plays an important role. The SELEKT DSM CLASSIC is usually equipped with the standard DAC or the higher-quality KATALYST DAC. The SELEKT DSM EDITION is open for more and may be equipped as a high-end configuration with the new ORGANIK DAC, which we already know from the ultimate high-end streamer KLIMAX DSM. Of course, the EDITION can also be equipped with a KATALYST DAC or a standard DAC, just as the CLASSIC can be equipped with the ORGANIK DAC. Just as you like it.

UTOPIK power supply

There is one thing you no longer have to decide: The already mentioned power supply unit UTOPIK is available in ALL SELEKT DSM HUBS and distinguishes, for example, the SELEKT DSM CLASSIC from the previously offered SELEKT DSM. Of course, UTOPIK can be retrofitted to any SELEKT DSM.

Which output?

How do you use your SELEKT DSM? As a pure source, for example, the SELEKT DSM EDITION ORGANIK can be equipped with a line-out module and you already have a feed for your integrated amplifier or your pre/power amplifier combination. The output of this configuration can be switched between fixed and variable. This means that you can also connect your SELEKT DSM EDITION ORGANIK with its adjustable output as a preamplifier to your power amplifier.

By the way: If you want to get the maximum out of the SELEKT DSM EDITION ORGANIK in terms of sound, you can also select the ORGANIK DAC and the line-out module as a double-mono version (see left).

Power Output

If you prefer something more compact, you can choose the amplifier module for Selekt. The module can be used with both CLASSIC and EDITION. Both standard and KATALYST as well as ORGANIK DAC find room in the amplifier module.

You can expand the SELEKT DSM EDITION ORGANIK into a compact high-end streaming amplifier, save space and listen to music at the highest level. The days of gigantic mono power amplifiers are as good as over.(right: configuration with two amplifier modules, e.g. for bi-amping)


This is by no means the end of the configurations. A SELEKT DSM ORGANIK EDITION, as well as all other SELEKTS, can be upgraded to a surround amplifier by anyone whose heart beats for home cinema. Surround module and HDMI board can be used without any problems.

And here's a tip for stereo fans: If you want more power and have a loudspeaker with a suitable connection terminal, you can upgrade your SELEKT DSM (whether CLASSIC OR EDITION, STANDARD, KATALYST or ORGANIK DAC) to a bi-amping or tri-amping amplifier.

Über den SELEKT Drehregler lässt sich das Gerät einschalten und in den Standby versetzen. Außerdem können Sie die Lautstärke regeln, die Quellenauswahl vornehmen und einige Menü-Funktionen aufrufen.

Linn ist auch in der täglichen Bedienung frei Konfigurierbar: Über die sogenannten PINs können Sie frei verfügen. Speichern Sie Ihren favorisierten Radiosender, Ihre bevorzugte Quelle oder das Musikalbum, dass Sie gerade neu entdecken. Sie haben sechs PIN-Tasten zur Auswahl.

ORGANIK ist die hochwertigste DAC Generation. Mit dem neuen KLIMAX DSM fand ORGANIK einzug in den Olymp der High-End Welt. Der ORGANIK DAC steht nun auch für SELEKT DSM zur Verfügung. Wer den Qualitätsumfang des ORGANIK für SELEKT vollständig nutzen möchte, ist dem dem SELEKT DSM EDITION gut beraten.

We have already pre-configured some SELEKT DSM models for you. We will be happy to advise you on this. Please feel free to contact us personally by telephone on +49 2381 9339 71 or send us an e-mail at . We are happy to hear from you.