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By Design, there is nothing like a McIntosh! No audio and video manufacturer displays a greater degree of charm, tradition, value and charisma than McIntosh. The company was founded in 1949 by Frank McIntosh and Gordnon Gow in the USA. For more than 70 years, McIntosh has been developing and building high-quality models for reproducing music.

McIntosh achieves all this through experience, passion and legendary performance. McIntosh engineers are dedicated to creating the highest quality home audio products in the world. In its many years of experience, McIntosh has defined high-quality sound reproduction and set the high-end standard for performance, reliability and service.

A new McIntosh model can take years to develop from initial concept to finished product. It is meticulously designed and continuously refined until it meets the high demands. 

The blue eyes of the large VU meters, the shiny knobs, or the deep black front inspire McIntosh owners for decades just as much as the unmistakable, charming and warm sound that simply gets under your skin and can only be described with one word: music.