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NAD Electronics is pursuing a revolutionary vision in audio production. The company's goal is to combine outstanding sound quality with a good price-performance ratio. Consequently, the company limits itself to the essentials: The creation of breathtaking sound.

Founded in the UK in 1972, NAD set out to cut through the hype of the industry at the time. It was a formidable goal - the most respected electronics brands of the time were exclusively producing high-priced hi-fi products, while the affordable range was dominated by inferior global importers. 

With the recruitment of sound engineer Björn Erik Edvardsen, the company's vision was gradually realised. The engineer limited himself to the essential technology needed to create a good sound and experimented with wiring and the like to constantly improve the sound of the speakers and amplifiers. The first NAD prototypes already sounded better than any hi-fi device in their price range, and so, the attention gained by music lovers and investors paved the way for NAD to produce the most famous audio products of the time. 

The obsessive refinement of electronic designs led to the best-selling hi-fi amplifier in history, the NAD 3020, which laid the foundation for the globally successful C-Line, which over time was expanded to include numerous amplifiers, tape decks, tuners, CD players and turntables, all of which impress with their timeless design and outstanding sound characteristics.

To this day, the Canadian-based company NAD pursues exactly this precision in manufacturing and design and in the creation of innovative technologies for its amplifiers, record players, stereo systems and many other devices. An example of this is a masterpiece created: the NAD Masters Series. The result of many years of development work are completely independent integrated amplifiers, revolutionary detail solutions and an unbelievable quality of workmanship, which make the amplifiers of the Masters Series the best in the world. 

Thus, the company is driven daily by the vision that high-quality sound should be accessible to everyone in the future. NAD's portfolio ranges from mid-priced to high-priced products, all of which produce a distinctive sound. As a result, NAD's products inspire enthusiasm in many ways and have held their own on the global audio market for decades.   

NAD C 3050 Stereo Integrated Amplifier

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