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Originally founded as a supplier of precision parts for mechanical watches, Nagaoka has been manufacturing turntable needles since 1947. Even when interest in the subject waned worldwide in the 1990s after the introduction of the CD, Nagaoka, unlike many of its competitors at the time, remained loyal to the market, thus preserving the know-how accumulated over the decades. 

So when demand picked up again during the vinyl revival, the company was on hand - currently over 90% of all pickup needles sold worldwide come from the traditional factory in Higashine, 400 km north of Tokyo.

The Nagaoka pickups have also enjoyed an excellent reputation for decades and are known among music lovers and professionals for their high manufacturing precision and an almost unbeatable price-performance ratio. 

A wide range of accessories, from vinyl cleaner to an antistatic record bag, complete the offer. No other manufacturer in the world offers such a comprehensive product portfolio for vinyl fans from a single source.

In addition to its record products, Nagaoka also uses its expertise in micro-manufacturing of difficult-to-cut materials in other areas. These include parts for various applications in measurement technology as well as the fine processing of diamonds, rubies or sapphires for the watch industry. As with turntable needles and cartridges, the combination of state-of-the-art production processes with the tact and sensitivity of experienced employees is also important in these areas.


The Hi-Fi cartridges are manufactured with the highest precision using world-renowned technologies.

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The high-quality cleaning products and accessoires extend the life of your records.

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Nagaoka JN-P11 NSP Shellac Replacement Stylus

Variants from
7 Variants Configuration NSP - 3mm NSP4 - 4mm NSP35 - 3.5mm NSP25 - 2.5mm NSP45 - 4.5mm NSP2 - 2mm NSP15 - 1.5mm
Nagaoka MP-150 Cartridge

Variants from
2+ Variants Condition new item B-stock Cartridge type without head shell with head shell