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Without the curiosity and passion of British developers, hi-fi would not be what we know today. Among the many tinkerers who set out in search of the best possible sound in the sixties and seventies of the last century was Naim founder Julian Vereker. The self-taught electronic musician was an ardent music fan and enthusiastic concert goer. Like so many developers of his time, he began to design his own loudspeakers and amplifiers to reproduce his beloved music as clearly and authentically as possible at home.

And the successors of the company founder, who died in 2000, still pursue this approach today. The Naim engineers naturally use the most modern methods and the best measurement technology to research new technologies. However, regardless of measured values and grey theory - the British only form a final judgement in the listening room. This is where every Naim device must create an emotional connection between listener and music, otherwise it does not deserve the brand name.

Another aim of Naim's development work is reliability - the customer should enjoy a Naim device for as long as possible. And if a fault does occur years later, it is not a problem: Naim prides itself on being able to repair almost every product from its 40-year history.

With all their love of tradition, Naim is always open to new ideas. It is therefore not surprising that the UNITI range of digital streaming and server products are among the most advanced and best that the modern 21st century hi-fi world has to offer. Ultimately, the technology used is only a means to an end - Naim's focus is always on providing the best possible music enjoyment, regardless of the source.