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With the aim of developing one of the first synchronized sound film systems in the world, the two Danish engineers Axel Petersen and Arnold Poulsen founded the Electrical Phono Company in 1918. With the financial support of selected businessmen, the engineers developed the electrical recording by an Edison phonograph and the sound reproduction via headphones.

In 1947, Ortofon Industry was founded as a trading company under the umbrella of PhonoFilm Industry, as the demand for the products grew steadily due to countless successes. The company made its breakthrough in 1948 under the name Ortofon - composed of the Greek words "orto" ("right") and "fon" ("sound"). The Ortofon Mono Pickup and Pickup Arm developed by Ortofon was able to reproduce a sound quality that no other existing pickup system had ever achieved before and became the signpost of the times.

Since then 300 different moving coil cartridges have been developed and manufactured. Ortofon's latest model is the MC Century Cartridge, which was developed as an "anniversary coil" and is an example of the highest performance of today's reproduction technology. An armature damping system provides complete elimination of unwanted resonance and the combination of Nude Ortofon Replicant 100 Diamond on Diamond Cantilever allows for responsive and transparent sound reproduction. Perfect conditions for an outstanding sound.

The MC Century Cartridge is part of Ortofon's most famous series, the MC Classic Series. Although these classics have been part of Ortofon's portfolio for decades, most turntable lovers would not want to do without the MC systems. The innovative developments of the moving-coil cartridges and the great advances in processing and material technology are constantly improving the already great MC systems and have been the valuable heritage of Ortofon.  

The cartridges, the further developed VinylMaster series, the M2 series from Ortofon, also contribute to this. Thanks to an improved motor, the M2 Series offers outstanding sound quality and high sonic accuracy. Inspired by the facets of a diamond, the M2 Series impresses with a combination of elegance in form and design, but also in functionality and technical skill. 

Ortofon's M2 series has already been awarded by the German magazine "what hi-fi?" and won in the category of the best phono cartridges.    

In order to ensure future success in the global market, the company is sticking to its objectives and philosophy: the continuous development of products and the introduction of innovations. Ortofon believes that even a traditional product can benefit from new technologies and industrial expertise. The best example of this is the Ortofon DJ pickup system "Concorde" . These pickups feature a new design, improvements to the already industry-leading technology and an excellent feel. With Ortofon you get the combination of tradition and new technologies like no other manufacturer.