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True balanced connection

TRUE BALANCED is the consistent implementation of interference-free signal transmission in Pro-Ject turntables. And the analog specialists remain consistent, because they also offer the right phono stages with a symmetrical structure.

TRUE BALANCED is not an invention of Pro-Ject Audio. A technique is used here that has been used in the studio for years. Many hi-fi fans are familiar with the XLR connection from high-quality hi-fi and high-end devices. What is new is the consistent implementation of this transfer for devices that do not belong to the high-end segment. Because many devices, even from the so-called entry-level segment, have XLR connections, but do not work symmetrically. With TRUE BALANCED you can be sure that everything fits together.

The problem

A noteworthy weak point in a hi-fi system is and remains the transmission path and thus the cable. Surrounded by "electrosmog", the sensitive signal from a pickup is affected. No matter how small the interference, it always has a negative effect on the music signal.

The solution

The solution is: balanced audio connections. They come from the professional studio sector and are very effective against typical interference, especially on longer signal paths. TRUE BALANCED goes exactly this way.


In order to be able to implement the TRUE BALANCED CONNECTION properly, almost all Pro-Ject turntables are now equipped with an XLR output. To save space, the developers opted for the MINI XLR. The Pro-Ject phono stages have the same input. In order to be able to continue the signal consistently, the phono boxes S3, DS3 and RS2 send the symmetrical signal straight on to the preamp or integrated amplifier via an XLR cable.


The real, symmetrical transmission is only possible with MC pickups. The signal is transmitted both on the plus conductors red + white (i.e. right and left) and on the minus conductors green + blue (i.e. right and left). This is the basic requirement for TRUE BALANCED.

Transmission is double and symmetrical. Exactly the same interference occurs for both signals. One of the signals is inverted in the input stage of the phono preamplifier. The disturbances cancel themselves out because they are now in phase opposition. The music signal remains unchanged.

After sampling the signal, the MC cartridge transmits the signal on the so-called "hot" and the "cold" conductor. Due to their construction, MM pickups cannot do this.

The MINI-XLR connections on Pro-Ject turntables have the great advantage of not taking up too much space. Of course, a stereo signal is transmitted – in just one cable.

Of course, the Pro-Ject Phono Box RS2 is also one of the TRUE BALANCED devices. Its tidy interior is a sight to behold. If you connect the optional linear power supply, you will experience a big leap forward in terms of sound.

Of course, you will find illustrated technical explanations about the TRUE BALANCED CONNECTION from Project as a PDF with every TRUE BALANCED device. If you have any further questions about TRUE BALANCED or the symmetrical connection between hi-fi devices in general, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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