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Anyone who has reached a certain age as a longtime music fan will eventually find themselves in front of a large, mighty shelf full of music from bygone times. With a subscription to a streaming service, everything that has come together over the years can be rediscovered. Individual albums linked to memories suddenly reappear. But can everything really be streamed? What about the rarities that haven't been released on any streaming service? What about promo releases, bootlegs (underhand) and the like? You won't find this part of your life in a cheap monthly subscription.


As we all know, order is half the battle. But how is that supposed to work if I use my streaming app in the car, the manufacturer's app for my system in the living room and, in the worst case, need another app in the kitchen? And what if I've added new music and remember I have a rarity on the shelf by the artist that doesn't offer a streaming service? And is there actually a web radio that recommends music based on what I already have in my collection? And if possible without taking any trends into account? We have answers to these questions. And the big headline is ROON.


First of all, ROON doesn't care whether you have saved your music or subscribed to a streaming service. At Roon, everything comes together. And behind it is a small editorial team that takes care of all the details. Data is provided, covers are loaded correctly, information from the press about the respective albums is displayed. Anyone who used to sit in front of their turntable or CD player with the album cover on their lap now has a tablet or laptop at hand. Roon often has more information about your music than some booklets. There are also plenty of cross-references to artists involved on an album, so you can see and hear what else they've been up to.

Once you've used Roon for a while, the algorithm will present you with music that actually matches what you enjoy listening to. In fact, it works so well that you can take advantage of this sneaky feature called ROON RADIO to find new music. Our experiences with ROON RADIO are absolutely positive.


ROON has a relatively high range of functions. In order for everything to function smoothly, ROON needs its own core. The core is the brain. A dedicated server that monitors your music. Ideally, there are devices like the Innuos hifi servers that you can easily define as ROON Core.

On an Innuos ZEN, ZENith or ZENmini you can store your CDs at the same time and thus save all the space on the shelves. Of course, ROON offers its own core server with the nucleus. This can also be equipped with a hard disk. Alternatively, ROON also runs on a PC or MAC, provided the devices are not too old.


Once you've gotten used to ROON, playlists created and tags assigned, you'll probably ask yourself, why isn't there one for on the go? Is there. The latest achievement is ROON ARC. The ARC is a separate app for mobile use. No matter what crazy music you want to listen to that no streaming service provides - if it's on the server managed by your ROON Core, you can start streaming it wherever you are, as long as you have internet access.

You can use Roon Radio on the go. Access playlists that you created in your living room the night before. ARC brings the music directly to your smartphone. Simply connect to the device of your choice via Bluetooth or Airplay and off you go. Everything you stream through the ARC runs through the ROON Core in your home. You always have your complete music collection with you. Nothing is lost.


If the server is defined as a ROON Core, you can start right away. The app for your smartphone or tablet will help you sign up for the streaming service or import your music. There are a number of devices that are compatible with ROON.

In the worst case, ROON resorts to the Airplay function, so we have a hard time finding devices that cannot work with ROON. So you can operate your high-end system from Naim or Linn in the living room in the same way as the smart speakers from Yamaha, Sonos or Bluesound in the kitchen. You can control all devices from the ROON app. That's child's play.

Roon sums it all up. And above all: Everything can be called up immediately. At home or on the go. And for a better overview, you can tag your music so that you can find it again and again.

ROON Radio provides you with suitable music after you have finished listening to your favorite album. Once the algorithm gets to know you, it takes care of everything related to your taste in music. No matter what the others say.

There are hundreds of well-known manufacturers that are compatible with Roon. It's harder to currently find a network streamer that isn't compatible with ROON than the other way around. Any self-respecting brand works with ROON.


Roon provides you with content that you can do something with. From the daily mix to selected playlists, you will always find something that suits the mood. Roon always shows new information with new music. You have to be able to process the wealth of information first. But don't worry - ROON will help you with that too. With tags, bookmarks and a skilful search function, you won't lose anything.

ROON license

There are two ways to get a ROON license. You either purchase the license directly from ROON, or you receive the license when you buy one of the devices that also serve as the ROON Core, such as the ROON Nukleus B or the EXXCEED from TRIGON. Below you will find these and other devices that can be used as a ROON endpoint, i.e. as a streaming client.

For further information and a detailed consultation, we are of course at your disposal by telephone, email or directly at our auditorium in Hamm, Münster or Hamburg.