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There is no substitute for experience. More than 50 years of design, engineering and manufacturing of audio/video components have brought Rotel to the top of the audio industry. Since its founding, Rotel has been a family business. The reputation of Rotel products is personal to them. That's why every model is dedicated to them with passion. Before it goes into production, it is tested and critically evaluated.

As a result, models last longer than the industry standard and new products are based on legitimate performance improvements. The high praise from international critics as well as enthusiastic audio fans is proof of over 50 years of experience in manufacturing electronic equipment for audio/video enjoyment.

One thing is certain for Rotel: Uncompromising sound always begins with the power supply, whether it's a CD player, surround sound processor, preamplifier or stereo power amplifier. That's why Rotel has invested and developed the expertise needed to build its own toroidal transformers. Because without good power, even the best design can never deliver the desired performance. Rotel engineers have carefully evaluated the power requirements of each new model. This information is given to the transformer engineering team, which in turn determines the requirements for voltage, current, physical size and product type. These engineers then design the exact specifications for the transformers. 

In the 1980s, Rotel entered into a strategic alliance with Bowers & Wilkins, marking the beginning of a long-standing relationship. Other important milestones took place in 1990 with the introduction of the 900 Series. In 1993, the MICHI Series was created and just two years later the first surround processor was launched. Series 10 was introduced in 2000 and Series 15 in 2009.