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Korean manufacturer SAMSUNG is now one of the largest and best-known electronics producers in the world. In addition to the ubiquitous smartphones, the brand is known and appreciated for its flat TVs.

SAMSUNG covers all areas of the market with its large TV portfolio, but always clearly sets itself apart from its competitors, particularly in the areas of design and technology. In both areas, the Koreans demonstrate an almost untiring spirit of innovation, which drives them to constantly come up with exciting new developments.

When it comes to design, for example, Samsung's SERIF and THE FRAME series prove that the flat TV theme can be interpreted in a completely different way and present modern screens as elegant furnishing objects rather than disdainful technical products.

On the other hand, SAMSUNG's technicians are not shy about developing new and innovative solutions, such as the latest QLED technology, which uses the unique quantum dot technology to produce unrivalled brilliant images with strong, natural colors.

With so much drive for progress, it almost goes without saying that although SAMSUNG still has conventional FullHD TVs in its product range, the focus is clearly on the future technologies of Ultra High Definition (UHD / 4K) and High Dynamic Range (HDR).


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TV when it's on, ART when it's off. A Samsung The Frame mounted on the wall displays works of art and fits seamlessly with them.

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