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Snowsound is a global brand of sound-absorbing architectural products with patented technology. Inspired by nature, Snowsound technology owes its name and innovation to the sound-absorbing properties of freshly fallen snow. An industrial invention of variable density material allows the panels to selectively absorb the optimal amount of sound from each frequency category. This selective absorption optimises the acoustic environment without eliminating key sounds. Snowsound USA is headquartered in Santa Fe Springs, California, and distributes its products through dealers.

Designed and manufactured in Italy, Snowsound panels combine the architectural influence of today's leading European designers to create a visionary and harmonious approach to acoustic clarity and comfort. Our aim is to solve acoustic problems, from the simplest to the most complex, with a complete range of products in many shapes and colours. Snowsound acoustic products have won numerous awards including 2014, 2015, 2016 and two Best of NeoCon Silver Awards 2017, HiP Awards 2016, the CES Innovation Award for Design and Engineering 2014 and the Product Innovation Award 2014.

Snowsound Baffle Oversize System for ceiling installation

Variants from
13 Variants Color White Dove gray Light green dark blue red Orange carrot blue silver gray beige White high gloss Yellow sun dark gray Crimson Red
Snowsound Snowfix Panel + 2 Wallmount Panel 159x44 cm

12 Variants Color White beige silver gray gray dove grey Light green orange red yellow blue Crimson Red dark gray dark blue
Snowsound Flap Panel Rotatable and Tiltable

12 Variants Color White blue dark gray black Light green silver gray Green apple beige Dove gray Orange carrot Yellow sun red
Snowsound Mitesco (159x44) Sound absorbing panel

12 Variants Color dark gray White black silver gray Green apple Light green Yellow sun red Orange carrot Dove gray blue beige