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SPL Sound Performance Lab

Sound Performance Lab from Niederkrüchten, near Mönchengladbach, has been taking care of equipping professional recording studios worldwide with components whose exceptional performance is highly valued, especially in mastering, for 35 years now. One of the best-known SPL products is the VITALIZER. Since the end of the 1980s, music fans have also been using the device, which was developed for professional use, to make the playback of mediocre recordings in their hi-fi and high-end chains livelier and more dynamic.

Since 2016, the company, which is simply abbreviated to SPL, has been offering newly developed home hifi products under the Professional Fidelity division, which benefit from the concentrated experience in studio technology. The technology that makes SPL products so unique also comes from here: the specially developed 120 volt technology.

This so-called VOLTAIR technology can be found among the Professional Fidelity products in the preamps, headphone amplifiers and digital/analog converters, as well as in the three powerful power amplifiers of different performance classes. SPL Professional Fidelity products have a slim design, a high tactile quality and bring a studio atmosphere into the living room.