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Genuine premium quality and extraordinary music experiences. This is what the Japanese company STAX Ltd. has stood for for 80 years. With its electrostatic headphones and the necessary high-voltage driver amplifiers, STAX produces probably the best headphone systems in the world.

The company's specialization in electrostatics began as early as 1952, when a condenser microphone was developed that was used in Japanese radio.

Carefully handcrafted, the world's first electrostatic headphone, the SR1, was developed in 1960. This "earspeaker", as STAX calls all its headphones, made its contribution to today's most advanced level of sound transmission. 

STAX developed what was then the largest Class A power amplifier (STAX DA-300), tonearms and pickup systems, CD players and D/A converters in tube technology. Ultimately, however, the company returned to concentrating on its core business, electrostatic headphones, and enriched the world with unique musical experiences. 

Stax SRM-700S electrostatic headphone driver Black

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