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In his youth, the company's founder Jochen Räke built his first record player, and so the penchant for analogue music reproduction continued to grow in the now mid-seventies.  

Inspired by British turntable technology, Jochen Räke began importing the Transcriptor turntables of the English inventor David Gammon from England in the 1970s. In terms of technology, the English turntables were far superior to the German ones, but in terms of quality and series consistency, the English turntables could not keep up with the latter. 

Jochen Räke thus created the combination of phenomenal technology and outstanding quality, resulting in the most sought-after turntables available in Germany today: The Transrotor turntables from Räke HiFi.   

As early as 1976, the company made its mark on the turntable world with the Transrotor AC, the archetype of the acrylic turntable that far surpassed all known achievements up to that time. This milestone in the production of turntables was followed by other products that were a signpost of the times and an example of constant further development.  

Transrotor ZET 1 Black

Variants from
2+ Variants Configuration standard version with constant ONE power supply Pickup Uccello Cantare Tonearm Rega RB 330 Rega RB 880
Transrotor ZET 3 black

1+ Variants Configuration with constant ONE power supply Pickup Cantare Tonearm Regga RB 880
Transrotor Konstant Eins Powersupply unit

€420.00 €525.00
1 Variants Condition B-stock