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Trinnov Audio

Trinnov – high performance digital acoustics, since 2003. In 2003 the company with the innovative name Trinnov (“Tri” from three and “innov” from innovation) was founded in France by Arnaud Laborie, Sébastien Montoya and Remy Bruno. Trinnov means 3D innovation and the French company has a lot to offer. With over 8000 installations in 55 countries worldwide, Trinnov is involved in all areas of audio production and re-production.

Trinnov Audio develops and manufactures preamps and processors with exclusive speaker/room optimization and 3D sound technologies for high-end hi-fi and home cinemas, professional studios and cinemas.

The Trinnov processors in particular have made a name for themselves in the HiFi world: Trinnov processors can be found in the world's most advanced professional music and film studios for production, mixing and playback, in thousands of commercial cinema screens and in the best home theater and stereo systems.

Trinnov offers one thing above all: frighteningly realistic home cinema with up to 48 real channels. Not every hi-fi company can say this about themselves.