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In the heart of the administrative centre of the province of Treviso, which is an important industrial centre in Italy, renowned companies such as the Benneton Group, DeLonghi or Geox can be found. Lovers of the finest sounds are more likely to associate the region with the name "Unison Research", an Italian manufacturer of fine tube amplifiers.

Less than 30 km north of Venice, Unison Research was founded in 1987 by a small group of enthusiastic audiophiles, led by Giovanni Maria Sacchetti. As an accomplished pianist, Sacchetti understood the enthusiasm of music, which he tried to translate both sonically and visually. He, who built his own amplifiers at an early age, was also constantly on the lookout for new sound qualities for Unison Research.

Today Unison Research manufactures many of the most important components in its own factory. Every time you look inside a Unison device you will recognise the high quality of manufacture, the attention to detail and the top standard of the components used. A Unison device shines here with timeless elegance paired with the best quality craftsmanship. All Unison products are unique pieces handmade with Amore and deliver clear and pure musical sound, free from adulteration and exaggeration.

Unison Research Systeme remote control

2 Variants Color cherry brown