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The history of Yamaha goes back to 1887 and has been influenced by music from the very beginning. When Torakusu Yamaha, an experienced craftsman, was called to the Hamamatsu primary school to repair the school's harmonium, which had been imported from America, he was so fascinated by the new construction that he built a similar instrument for himself - and immediately improved the construction in crucial points. Only two years later he founded the Torakusu Yamaha Corporation, which from then on produced harmoniums and other musical instruments.

Since 1900, classical upright pianos have been added to the range, the first Yamaha grand piano followed in 1902, and since then, for more than 115 years, Yamaha has been manufacturing upright and grand pianos without interruption - a record unparalleled in the industry!

In addition to the production of other musical instruments such as guitars, drums and keyboards, the brand's activities are now dominated by two other key areas. Yamaha Motors is one of the largest motorcycle manufacturers in the world and is also an engine developer used by virtually all car brands. And hi-fi equipment with the logo of the three crossed tuning forks has been synonymous with top sound in all categories since the middle of the last century.

Yamaha's holistic approach is particularly evident in hi-fi and home cinema. From the low-priced entry-level segment to the absolute high-end, Yamaha products stand for Japanese engineering in its purest form, for perfection down to the last detail and for an outstanding price/performance ratio. To list all the audio technologies developed and advanced by Yamaha over the decades would go beyond the scope of this brochure. The MusicCast system is a wireless multi-room music solution that is integrated into many Yamaha devices such as compact stereo systems, stereo amplifiers and AV receivers. It is characterised by intelligent combination options and extremely simple operation, and over the years has been continually enhanced with new functions, including voice control, through free software updates.

The first MusicCast concert grand was also presented at IFA 2016. This closes the circle, because a special version of the MusicCast software allows the home music system and the mechanical grand piano to play music together - while the rest of the music comes out of the speakers, the piano part is played live in the living room by a purely acoustic instrument. Listening to music and making music - for Yamaha, both are equally important.