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New visions for smart homes

Zuma CEO and founder Morten Warren has 25 years of industrial design experience working with the world's leading brands. He has designed the saxophone-inspired Emphasis anniversary speaker for Bowers & Wilkins, as well as the 800 Series speakers, the Zeppelin wireless speaker and the P5 headphones. Together with his team, who have already developed industry-leading technological innovations in audio, video, lighting and smart devices, Zuma is the result of this alchemy of design and technology. 

Zuma embodies a compelling new vision for the smart home.  

With integrated smart home ceiling speakers and lights, Zuma offers a virtually invisible, wireless and interference-free audio experience for the smart home. The speaker's design was developed by acoustic engineer Laurence Dickie in collaboration with an experienced international team that has already produced a wide range of innovations in audio, video, lighting and smart devices. The company has also developed Zuma Lumisonic, a smart home hardware and software solution. 

For the future, Zuma is planning expansion packages for motion detectors, smoke detectors and security systems. With the Zuma app or simply by voice input (Alexa to start), users can select both music and lighting according to their mood - all wirelessly, without hubs, complex control systems, cables or setup effort: Zuma, for example, has integrated a number of "feel-good" functions in its complementary app that allow it to play atmospheric soundscapes and combine them with sympathetic light tones as well as circadian rhythm and mood lighting. In this way, the atmosphere of a bathroom can be transformed into a spa. Or the user can listen to the sound of gentle rain while relaxing under a canopy of Zuma speakers.  

Of course, instead of white noise, Zuma ceiling speakers can play Led Zeppelin or Bob Marley throughout the house while emitting a normal, flicker-free 3200K light for harmonious well-being. Currently, Zuma systems can connect to any iPhone, iPad or Bluetooth source for streaming content.