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  • Period: 08/01/2023 - 09/30/2023

Clearaudio is surprising this summer with a special promotion: the great Performance DC is available with the Clarify tonearm and the Virtuoso V2 cartridge at a particularly attractive price. So you no longer need to worry about the equipment. Especially nice for analogis: The Performance DC with Clarify and Virtuoso V2 pickup is delivered unassembled - assembly and adjustment is done by the new owner himself. But don't worry - if you need help, we are of course happy to help.

You need less help with the smaller Concept MM Virtuoso. This ready-to-play turntable is already adjusted in the box and can be integrated immediately into your hi-fi set-up (phono level required). By the way: If you need a hood for your Concept MM Virtuoso, you can get it a little cheaper in a set.

Do you have any questions about the set-ups, the adjustment or the offers? Feel free to contact us.

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Clearaudio Performance DC with Clarify Tonearm + Virtuoso V2

Variants from
6+ Variants Color Black/Black Black/Silver Silver/Wood Silver/Silver Silver/Black Black/Wood Condition new item
Clearaudio CONCEPT MM Virtuoso V2

Variants from
4+ Variants Color silver Black dark wood Wood Condition new item Configuration standard version incl. hood