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The new R series from British loudspeaker specialist KEF is here – the Meta family has grown. Meta is the loudspeaker technology developed by KEF, which has already found its way into many other loudspeakers at KEF.

Metamaterial Absorption Technology (MAT™) ensures 99 percent cancellation of stray sound waves on the back of the diaphragm that negatively affect the sound. The result is remarkable: the speakers of the KEF R META series are more detailed and dynamic than their predecessors. In addition to the META technology and the UNI-Q chassis known for KEF, the constrained layer damping also ensures a low-vibration housing. Perfect teamwork.

The KEF R META series is not only recommended for fans of high-quality stereo recordings from vinyl or CD. Home cinema fans can also experience an absolutely realistic representation of the dynamic soundscape of a film or a concert in their surround setup - including Dolby Atmos. Two different center sizes ensure perfect adjustment to floor-standing or bookshelf speakers for the front channels.

Once you have succumbed to the charm of a KEF loudspeaker, you will remain loyal to it. This is truer than ever for the new KEF R META series.