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  • PROMOTION PERIOD: 11/01/23 to 01/31/24

If you want the world to keep getting better, you need regular upgrades. Linn would be happy to help here. Anyone who decides to upgrade the Linn system or accessories for the LP 12 worth 3,000 euros between now and the end of January will receive the new Utopik power supply for free.

When you purchase a new Linn device, you will also receive your free Utopik power supply - ideal for anyone who wants to expand to multiroom and upgrade their existing Linn device.

For example, if you choose a Series 3 speaker, you can equip your existing Majik, Akurate, Selekt or Klimax DSM with the new power supply - music throughout the house and a significant improvement in audio performance in the main room. Who does not want that?

Contact us - we'll discuss all the details and ensure the best Linn Audio performance in your home.

+49 2381 9339-71

Linn Organik Upgrade for Klimax Exaktbox

Variants from
5 Variants Configuration Klimax exact box Climax 350 A Refurb Climax 350 Exactly Climax DS/DSM Climax 350 A