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You can recognize good hi-fi components by the fact that they accompany you for years and sometimes even decades. With its 200 SERIES, the high-end manufacturer NAIM has been making sure that when listening to music, you concentrate on the music and not on the system since the mid-seventies. The stereo power amplifier NAP 250, for example, has been in service since 1975 - now in its sixth generation. Because even devices from NAIM will eventually be caught up by technical progress. The NAIM developers carry a large part of this progress themselves and thus ensure the best possible reproduction in the performance class.

The brand new SERIES 200 from the NEW CLASSIC currently includes the NSC 222, a contemporary streaming preamp that has everything that a music fan could wish for nowadays. The powerful NAP 250 is responsible for reliable final amplification. And NAIM fans know what an external power supply is worth. The NPX 300 is the ideal power supplier for the streaming preamp.