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The 2MR cartridges from Ortofon have a specially developed cartridge housing with a lower overall height. This allows for easy mounting on turntables and tonearms that require a low cartridge form factor, without additional modifications such as the use of tonearm spacers. Ortofon has retained the unique 2M technology, including the four-coil generators with split pole pin technology and elaborate rubber suspensions. The new 2MR series is fully compatible with the proven 2M replacement needle program.

Key features of the 2MR pickups

The flatter cartridge body eliminates the need for tonearm spacers, washers or other turntable modifications that require a low form factor cartridge. The powerful generator system uses unique Ortofon quad coils and slotted pole pins to deliver clean, detailed and lifelike sound.

The 2MR series is 100% compatible with the well-known 2M replacement needles and uses the well-known 2M styli. The range of the 2MR series ranges from the premium range with the 2MR Red to the high end with the 2MR Black.