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  • Period: August 31, 2023 - October 31, 2023

Discover the unbeatable cashback offer – a real highlight for all home cinema enthusiasts! At Yamaha, your dream of an immersive AV experience is now rewarded. Take advantage of the opportunity and benefit from the great cashback offer for selected AV receivers.

It's very simple: Buy one of the Yamaha AV receivers mentioned and then secure your cashback. Very uncomplicated. Simply log in to the official Yamaha website, register your new home theater receiver and sit back and relax - because Yamaha will do the rest for you. You will receive your cashback refunded directly to your account.

Which Yamaha home theater amplifiers are eligible and what cashback amount is waiting for you? Here you can find the details:

  • For the RX-A8A you receive a cashback of 250 euros
  • For the RX-A6A you receive a cashback of 200 euros
  • For the RX-A4A you receive a cashback of 150 euros
  • For the RX-A2A you receive a cashback of 100 euros
  • For the RX-V6A you receive a cashback of 75 euros
  • For the RX-V4A you receive a cashback of 50 euros

Grab your chance now to realize your home theater dream with a premium Yamaha AV amplifier. Your ears will be amazed when they experience the world of sound that our AV receivers open up for you. Treat yourself to the ultimate home theater experience and let Yamaha inspire your senses. Grab it – the cashback offer is just waiting for you!