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Stewart Screenwall Electrimask 92 Inch HDTV Format (vertical)


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Product number: 265470


Product information Screenwall Electrimask 92 Inch HDTV Format (vertical)
Productnumber 265470 Stewart Screenwall Electrimask

The Vertical Screenwall Electrimask was designed to offer the flexibility of multiple image formats.

This type is a fixed-tension screen with vertical electrical masking. An optimal solution for rooms in which the projection screen can be permanently installed.

The canvas is available in 4 different versions

  • Vertical Screen Wall Electrimask HDTV format (from 16: 9 / 1.78: 1 to 4: 3 / 1.33: 1 format) front projection

  • Vertical Screen Wall Electrimask HDTV format (from 16: 9 / 1.78: 1 to 4: 3 / 1.33: 1 format) Microperf X2

  • Vertical Screen Wall Electrimask Cinemascope Format (from 21: 9 / 2.35: 1 to 16: 9 / 1.78: 1 format) Front projection

  • Vertical Screen Wall Electrimask Cinemascope Format (from 21: 9 / 2.35: 1 to 16: 9 / 1.78: 1 format) Microperf X2

We are showing the price for the 92 inch Stewart Screenwall Electrimask screen in HDTV format (from 16: 9 / 1.78: 1 to 4: 3 / 1.33: 1 format) with front projection . We would be happy to send you offers for other sizes.

Microperf X2

The specialty of the Microperf X2 is the latest generation of THX Ultra certified acoustically transparent projection fabrics. H ierbei flows through the sound tens of thousand tiny holes in the projection screen to the listener. Microperf X² is based on the same pattern arrangement as the material developed 10 years ago, but includes slight adjustments to prevent any moiré appearances. Stewart's Microperf X² screens impress with their superior image quality when comparing AB with woven materials, with up to 70% more brightness, higher resolution and excellent color saturation. From a reasonable distance, the holes in the micro-perforated screens are no longer perceptible, while woven materials cause cross-reflections due to their coarser structures, which reduce the detail and contrast of the image.

Frame stretching screens

Frame screens are available for front and rear projection. They consist of an aluminum profile or tubular frame into which the projection cloth is clamped. They are suitable for wall mounting, for installation in a wall opening or can stand on feet (T-stands) or be hung from eyebolts.

The models differ in terms of the frame design and the size of the projection surface.

One advantage lies in the low weight, but also in the large number of sizes and variants that can be produced, up to curved screens or frame screens with electrical masking.

Stewart frame screens are available with Ve-Lux coated frames or Ve-Lux masking, which is made of light-absorbing black velvet, depending on the model. This ensures an optically perfect and absolutely right-angled masking of the image area.

Why Stewart?

Lasting quality

A Stewart quality screen will last years longer than the other components of a projection system. Invest in the best quality to save time and money for the future.

Custom work

All Stewart projection screens are custom made. Highly skilled craftsmen manufacture Stewart Screens from quality raw materials. The product is manufactured in-house from start to finish. They are not mass-produced, not bound by size or style specifications, because on request we can design and produce according to your specifications.

An eye for detail

To ensure excellent quality, every inch of your projection screen is checked at every single production step. Stewart values the highest quality. That is why all parts, whether the projection screen or the carrier system, are manufactured with a view to perfection.

Quality of the raw material

In order to produce an excellent end product, the raw materials are subject to rigorous controls.

In your own house

All Stewart products are produced in-house, using special technologies and production processes.

Seamless projection screens

Projection screens must be manufactured seamlessly in the highest image quality. Stewart Filmscreen manufactures seamless projection screens up to 40 x 90 feet (12m x 27m).

Rolled for protection

Once a perfect projection screen has been completed, it must be handled with care. We do not fold projection screens as this can cause draping and creasing. Stewart Filmscreen rolls each screen by hand to make sure there are no bumps, wrinkles or scratches.

Easy assembly

If you decide to assemble your frame stretching screens yourself, Stewart Filmscreen makes this process easier for you with color-coded instructions. The canvas is marked accordingly for correct positioning in its custom-made frame.

Packaged with care

Time and care goes into packaging your projection screen. Everything is packed individually in paper, plastic or rigid foam, with extra packaging material between the individual parts. All projection screens are packed according to your order. We want to make sure that your projection screen does not get damaged along the way.

Product performance

Stewart projection screens are designed to optimize the performance of all video projectors on the market. Whether it is a CRT, LCT, DLP or D-ILD projector, Stewart creates the right projection surface for maximum fulfillment of your professional requirements.

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Product type: Home theater set