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Audioquest Wind RCA

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Disponible en 7 días, plazo de entrega 1-3 days

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Producto de ref.: 271460

Información sobre el producto

Información sobre el producto Wind RCA
Número de producto 271460 Audioquest wind

The wind contains massive perfect surface silver conductors and has a triple balanced geometry (separate ground conductor). A six-layer noise dissipation system based on carbon is used.


  • massive perfect surface silver conductor

  • Triple balanced geometry

  • Air tubes made of fluorine ethylene polymer

  • Six-layer noise dissipation system based on carbon

  • 72 V dielectric bias system

  • Black / silver braid

  • Cold-welded, hanging silver plating directly over high purity red copper plugs (RCA or XLR)

Water, Earth and Wind are sophisticated versions of their respective predecessors Columbia, Colorado and Niagara. The features that distinguish the three earlier models remain the same in the three new models:

  • In the water, air tubes made of PE (polyethylene) are used over massive PSC + copper conductors - as was the case in the Columbia.

  • In the Earth, air tubes made of FEP (fluorine-ethylene polymer) are used over massive PSC + copper conductors - as was also the case in the Colorado.

  • In the wind, FEP air tubes are used over massive PSS silver conductors - as was the case in Niagara

As with the Rivers models, the Elements cables use triple-balanced geometry, an asymmetrical signal impedance and an asymmetrical ground impedance. When used unbalanced with RCA plugs, the single larger conductor is used for positive, and the two smaller, single wire conductors are combined to provide a ground reference that is 59% less impedance than the signal conductor.

When used symmetrically with XLR plugs, the two smaller conductors are used for the two hot conductors (inverted and non-inverted), while the single larger conductor is used for the advantageously lower impedance reference ground. If almost all 'symmetrical' cables use their shielding as reference ground, AQ triple balanced cables use a separate, specially designed shield that is only connected at one end. Incidentally, if your own music system evolves, AQ triple balanced cables can be converted from RCA to XLR or vice versa at any time (for a fee).

As with Columbia, Colorado and Niagara, AudioQuest's DBS (Dielectric Bias System) is a very important factor in the lack of any tonal coloration inherent in the cable and allows for a quieter, 'blacker' background and greater dynamics.

Water, Earth and Wind are 10% larger than their predecessors. The space gained in this way is used sensibly: The air tubes have 60% greater wall thickness and are significantly more stable. This ensures that the structural quality of the air tubes is retained, even if the cables are bent or 'mistreated' in any way. Maintaining the original round shape of the trachea also minimizes distortion caused when the conductor and insulation get too close.

While directly silver-plated OCC copper (Ohno Continuous Casting, a special continuous casting process) was used in Columbia, Colorado and Niagara, a hanging silver direct coating on extremely pure red copper is used in Water, Earth and Wind. When coating with Hanging Silver, each part must be individually attached to the hanging device before it is immersed in the silver bath. The chemical composition of the immersion bath is superior to that which can be used in a normal drum. Although silver oxidation need not be feared, as the oxidized silver is 100% just as conductive as the silver underneath, a pleasant advantage of parts coated with hanging silver is that they stay shiny longer before a small one for cosmetic reasons Cleaning is needed.

Depending on how you look at it, these three new elements are 'only' significantly improved versions of the Columbia, Colorado and Niagara - or these three new cables open a new chapter of very neutral and honest, low-distortion and low-cost cables that deliver the best sound to date.

The colors of the Elements cables are deliberately chosen to be different from those of their predecessors. They almost completely adopt the color scheme that was first introduced with the Indulgence HDMI cable series and is gradually being applied to all digital cables. This black-green-red-brown-gray-blue-brown-silver evolution was only changed in one point when it was applied to the Bridges & Falls series coaxial cables: Yosemite, the Coffee of the Falls series, is green instead of brown.

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